Where Homes Breathe Easy

Providing Top-Quality Services, Including Chimney Cleaning, Inspections, Repairs, and More

Where Homes Breathe Easy

Providing Top-Quality Services, Including Chimney Cleaning, Inspections, Repairs, and More

Titan Chimney & Masonry
Keeping Chimneys Safe and Functional for Two Decades

Keeping Chimneys Safe and Functional for Two Decades

Titan Chimney & Masonry is your reliable partner for all your chimney and masonry needs. With over two decades of trusted experience, we serve homeowners in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Chester County. Our commitment to quality ensures your home remains safe and functional, providing you with peace of mind.


Our Services

We offer comprehensive chimney services, including stainless steel liners, rain caps and animal guards, thorough chimney cleaning, and detailed inspections. Our expert masons handle all types of masonry repairs, from minor fixes to extensive restorations, ensuring the integrity and beauty of your brickwork. Our team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet your specific needs, ensuring your project is completed with precision and excellence. Explore more about our services.

Client Testimonials

Michael came out and thoroughly inspected my furnace chimney and showed me multiple photos of my chimney system. He replaced the chimney liner with a new stainless steel liner and throughly cleaned and repaired the connections from the furnace all the way to the chimney cap masonry on the roof. He did the appraisal the same day I called him and made repairs within a couple weeks. His work went above and beyond my expectations, and at a very reasonable cost. I would highly recommend Titan Chimney and Masonry.


Michael, the owner, came out and assessed our chimney after we realized a squirrel was doing some damage. He took his time, gave us a thorough diagnostic and a great price. Michael and his team worked to replace our chimney liner and masonry issues. Michael was even good enough to clear out our gutters while up on our roof. We will be returning to Titan Chimney for all our needs in the future!


Brick pointing and complete rebuild of our chimney caps were needed. Mike explained the process, took pictures and provided a detailed estimated at a good price. Work was completed and we couldn’t be happier. They completed the work promptly (we had to wait for the temperatures to moderate) and were meticulous in their work. We would highly recommend this company for any masonry project.


I had brown smoke coming out of my prefabricated chimney due to squirrel’s nest. Michael came out and realized that there was squirrels still in there so he wanted to wait a couple of weeks for them to leave the nest. When he came back he didn’t hear them so he proceeded to clean out the nest which went 6 feet down. While doing this he showed me the condition of the liner with cracks, rust and sulfuric acid buildups. I knew we had not replaced it so it must have been the original liner when the house was built in the 50’s. There was even some parts of the pipes where it was disjointed. Thank goodness that he pointed it out and showed me pictures of it. We decided to get the whole liner and pipes replaced from the gas furnace and water heater. He also resealed flashing which was all dried up and cracked. He put on a new rain cap and top plate so no more chances of squirrels coming back to nest. He came back for the 4th time to finish painting the exterior of the chimney which looks brand new.

I contacted Titan Chimney because of all the 5 star reviews and now I understand why. Michael is very knowledgeable about chimneys. I learned a lot from him. He does great work and will photograph everything and share it with you. He is very nice. When he was coming down from the roof he noticed our gutter was clogged so he cleaned it out. He texts me to let me know when he is in the area and on his way. His price is fair. So glad that I discovered Titan Chimney!


I noticed my chimney was leaking into my attic recently. I frantically called several chimney repair companies, and the wait time was two weeks out to get an estimate. I called Mike on a Friday and he said he could come out the same day to give me an estimate. He inspected my chimney and gave me two different price options for repairs. He then stayed late and completed the work the same day (he didn’t finish until after dark). I was beyond thrilled since we were set to get 3+ inches of rain the next day. It poured rain the next day and everything stayed dry inside. I am very happy with the work Mike provided. He is very knowledgeable and took time to explain everything to me. His response time was amazing, he took before and after photos and the price was good. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone. I have more work that needs to be done at my house and I will be calling Mike at Titan Chimney & Masonry first!


Titan was one of three companies that gave estimates for a new liner. I selected them based on Mike’s honest opinion and quote. He was easy to work with and kept me in the loop during the install. Highly recommend for your chimney needs!